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Infantry Pass, Nevada, MO 64772, USA

 LOCATION: 15543 E. Infantry Pass, Nevada, MO

Due to Ron’s continued health problems, we have sold the property and are offering a complete dispersal of nearly 30 years at absolute public auction.

Directions: Take I-49 north to M Hwy., Compton Junction, 5 miles north of Nevada. At intersection in Compton Junction go north old Hwy. 71 to 2nd place on right. Watch for signs.


Honda 550 motorcycle. 1997 F250 5.8L, 5 speed, 2WD.

1985 Ford 1/2 ton, 4x4, 5.8, 4 speed. 1970 2 ton dump truck.

1968 Ford 2 ton, dual cyl., dump truck. Fiberglass semi sleeper.

1994 Chevy 1/2 ton 350 auto 4x4. 1988 Volvo 4 cyl. 5 speed.

Camper shells large and small trucks.


Several trailers, pickup bed, flatbed, utility, car, stock small & large.

3 axle wagon and hay trailers.

16 ft. Bass Cat boat and trailer, no motor.

14 ft. Jason ski boat and trailer, not motor.

American 16 ft. ski boat and trailer, 90 hp Chrysler.

Crestliner ski boat and trailer, no motor.

MFG ski boat and trailer, 60 hp Evinrude, no interior.

Approx. 30 ft. dual axle old Abba Electric job trailer.

Neat circus or parade pony cart.


Several lawn trailers, sweep seeders, etc. Huge lot life jackets.

Huge lot coolers. Huge lot fishing poles of all kinds.

Huge lot fishing tackle, nets, gigs, etc. Metal building frames.

Huge lot outdoor and camping. Misc. metal sheds.

Numerous BBQ grills, smokers and deep fryers.

4 or 5 wooden and metal storage buildings.

Huge lot hunting clothes, vests, waders, etc.

Huge lot knife sharpeners and steels.

Lots decoys of all kinds.


Several air compressors, gas and electric. Ladders.

Lots of weed eaters, lawn blowers, sprayers, chain saws, hoses, wheel barrows.

Sheet metal, plastic barrels, trash cans, garden hoses, pots and planters, lots of fruit jars.

Extra huge lot power tools - hammers. Long tools galore.

Saws, ladders, levels, measuring devices.

Table saws, grinders, lawn and garden.

Huge lot cages, traps and fencing. Several tool boxes & chest.

Huge lot boat seats, paddles, anchors, life jackets, etc.

Several nice professional mink cages. Auto waterers & feeders.

Several metal and wooden chicken laying boxes.

Large fuel tank on stand. 20-30 ft. bar two sections.

100 gal. square metal fuel tank. Chest type freezer.

Large stainless steel medical cabinet with cooler.

Huge lot very nice work benches, tables, racks. Drill sets.

Fiberglass hog houses, live wells or waterers. Car ramps.

Extra large nice solid wood entertainment center. Fencing.

Truck tool boxes and bed liners. Several Warm Morning stoves.

Huge lot wrenches, sockets, specialty. 110 air conditioner.

Several misc. power washers, gas and electric.

Very ornate antique wood stove. Ext. cords, hoses, saw horses.

Tools, vices, clamps, chains, rope. Building supplies.

File cabinets, desk, wooden trunk. Riding lawn mowers.

H Several air brushes and paint booth with fan.


Stevans model 9478 20 ga.

2 Connecticut Valley Arms, 50 cal. black powder.

Mossburg 100 ATR 270. Clark stainless 22 pistol.

Huge lot ammo, calls and hunting supplies.

Remington 22 semi auto long rifle.

Mossberg 835 Ulti-Mag 12 ga. pump.

Huge lot hunting clothes, vest and camo.

Master-Mag 12 ga. model CC 660.

Pride of Spain double barrel, 12 ga.

Pardner Mod 3” single shot shotgun.

Remington Arms semi auto 12 ga.

Mossburg 702 Plinkster 22 rifle.

Knight 50 cal. black powder rifle.

Mossberg 22 42M bolt action 22.

Harrington Richardson single shot 12 ga.

Limited Edition matching set, 2007-3N.

2007 4-N 22 cal. Colt pistols in book.

Several hard back gun cases.

Several soft gun cases rifle and pistol.

Several crossbows, gun slings.

Lots archery arrows and equipment.

Knife sharpeners galore.

Several rifle scopes and binoculars.

Huge lot outdoor and camping.


Fairbanks platform scales with table. Large bird tumbler.

10x12 pipe frame skinning station. Bird fleshing machine.

H Pro Quebec fleshing machine with table.

Several deer mounting stands. Large ceramic lion.

H Chain saw carvings, including Indian, coyote, eagle with fish and more.

Dozens and dozens of taxidermy mounts including approx. 20 shoulder mount Deer, Wilderbeasts, Audad, Bantang, Spanish Goats, extra large Sail Fish, Turkey, Hog Head and much, much more.

Huge lot skull mounts of all kinds. Fur, fins, feathers galore.

Several sets nice deer horns. Extra large Watusee horns.

Several nice steer on long horns.

Cleaned small animal skulls of all kinds.

Lots mannequins including life size deer.

Several deer skull and other wall mounts.

Dozens tanned life size animal skins.

Buffalo hides, deer, elk, rabbit, bobcat, fox, coyote, etc.

Lots bolt & nut organizers, full everything.

Dozens knives, swords, spears.

Huge lot taxidermy tools and supplies, all kinds.

Knick knack cabinets and shelves.

Floor lamps, wooden chairs and rockers.

Step and sitting stools. Kitchen appliances and utensils.

Rack, shelves, figurines, oak table.

Show boxes, wall art, antler lamps, shadow boxes.

Decoys, mannequins, molds, plaques.


Infantry Pass, Nevada, MO 64772, USA
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