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1700 West Austin Blvd,
Nevada, Mo 64772
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5:30 pm

404 W Ashland St, Nevada, MO 64772, USA

 LOCATION: 404 E. Ashland, Nevada, MO (Corner of North Lynn and East Ashland)


Couch. Arm chair. Coffee table.

Several end tables. Round oak kitchen table. Glider rocker.

Chest of drawers. 5 drawer chest of drawers. Dresser.

Wooden shelves. Patio table. Jewelry box.

Table lamps. Several vacuum cleaners. Eden Pure heater.

2 electric heaters.


Whirlpool refrigerator. Mr. Coffee. Frigidaire washer.

Roper electric dryer. Frigidaire upright freezer. Electric can opener.

Buffet serving & warming tray. Blender. Jack La Lanne’s power juicer.


Several Barbie dolls in boxes. Curio cabinet (NICE).

End tables. Round antique table.


Bed linens. Christmas tree. Christmas decorations.

Yarn. Bernina deco 330 sewing machine. Shovels.

Exercise machine. Vortex electric insect trap. Extension cords.

Lawn chairs. Step ladder. Dremel tool.

Tool box. Electric weed eater. Hedge trimmer.

Small Craftsman air compressor. Poly stock tank.

Air bubble. 2-push mowers.


2014 Ford Fusion 15,500 miles. 2010 Factory lawn mower trailer with ramp.


1971S rare Ike silver dollar. 2009-D Sacagawea dollar.

Korean War coin. 1980-S Susan B Anthony dollar.

1914-D Barber silver dime. 1968 Washington quarter.

2002 & 2003 Lost Kennedy half dollars. 1937 Buffalo nickel.

1944 Mercury silver dime. 1965 Jefferson nickel.

2000-P Kennedy half dollar. 1956 Jefferson nickel.

2014-P Grt Smoky Mtns quarter. 1901 Indian Head cent

2015-P NC Blue Ridge Parkway quarter. 1936-D Buffalo nickel.

1944-D Mercury silver dime. 1971-S Eisenhower silver clad.

2015-P Native American dollar set.

Two uncirculated half dollars (Korean War & Douglas MacArthur Stamp coin).

8 -2009 Lincoln head pennies. 2- 2002 Kennedy half dollar.

3 scarce seldom-seen coins (1937 Buffalo nickel, 1903 penny, 1901 coin).

1985-D Jefferson nickel. 2003 Set of Kennedy half dollar.

1944-P silver Wartime nice. 1953-D Jefferson nickel.

1956-D Lincoln Head cent. 1923 Silver dollar.

2- 2010 Liberty Indian head gold coin (stamped “copy”).

1922 Silver dollar. 1943 Walking Liberty half dollar.

1944 Mercury Silver dime. 1889 Silver dollar.

8 - 2015 Presidential dollars -2 Lyndon B. Johnson, 2 John F. Kennedy, 2 Harry S. Truman & 2 Dwight D. Eisenhower.

Stations of the Cross gold plated coin -Station I.

Stations of the Cross gold plated coin -Station V.

Liberty- American Spirit Remembering 9/11 Commemorative Gold Coin.

2015 Nation Park Quarter - Kisatchie.

1940 Mercury Silver dime. Missouri $ 2.00 Bill Series 2003A.

Yellowstone National Park $ 2.00 note.

California $2.00 bill Series 2003A.

22KT Gold Lead $ 2.00 Bill Series 2003.

Read Seal $ 2.00 Bill Series 1963.

Rare Buffalo Nickel 1937. Series 1935E $1.00 Bill.

Georgia $2.00 5111 Series 2003A. Danmark coin 10 ore.

2- 1947 United States Marine Corps Toys For Tots Coin

1908 Silver quarter. 1927 Wheat penny.

1937 Wheat penny. 1945 Wheat penny.

1934 Wheat penny. 1910 Wheat penny.

Dime (cannot read year). 1920 Wheat penny.

1925 Wheat penny. 1956 Wheat penny.

1914 Canada nickel. 1989 Canada penny.

Partial Collection of Presidential Coins: see list below:

2012 Cleveland, 2- 2015 Truman, 2- 2015 Eisenhower, 2- 2015 Kennedy, 2- 2015 Johnson.

50 States Quarters Collector’s Map but missing Washington, Idaho, Utah, Arizona, Oklahoma, Iowa, Wisconsin & Pennsylvania

Notebook of National Parks Quarters Collection that includes: Hot Springs, Yellowstone National Park, Yosemite, Grand Canyon, Mount Hood, Glacier, Gettysburg, Olympic, Chickasaw, Vicksburg, El Yunque, Hawaii Volcanoes, Perry’s Victory, International Peace Memorial & Denali, Acadia & Chaco Culture.


404 W Ashland St, Nevada, MO 64772, USA
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